Every new day brings with it new energy and new hope as people go out to work, school, play, take part in sports or participate in various recreational activities. As people carry on with their daily routine, from time to time a person may fall sick or get injured. Injuries may occur due to vigorous body exercises like in the case of sports persons or due to a slip. Diseases on the other hand occur due to many known and unknown reasons. Undoubtedly, when a person suffers from an injury or falls sick, they have to seek treatment to resolve the inflammation in the body. Medical practitioners use medication or surgical procedures to resolve joint, ligament and cartilage problems. With advancement in medical technology, many medical practitioners have questioned the ability of the body to be able to provide healing for itself. This article will examine important information about mesenchymal stem cells

The body can be likened to a self-driven complex machine. The body comprises of numerous organs which are driven by cells in order to function. The body cells have a life span of their own separate from that of the body in which they function. When body tissues or organs get damaged due to injury or disease, the body works around-the-clock to repair the injured area. Scientist and medical researcher have studied the healing ability of the body and have realized that the best way to treat damaged tissue and organ is to support the body to provide healing for itself.

This is the theory behind stem cell therapy. In this type of treatment, stem cells are extracted from the bone marrow of the injured patient. This stems are used to support the healing process of the patient’s injured tissue or joints. The extracted cells are treated with growth factor compounds so that they are able to be induced back to the body. After the laboratory treatment, they are induced to the damaged muscle or bone area. The induced stem cells support tissue regeneration. Learn more about this treatment here. 

Stem cells are the building blocks of many types of human tissues. Hence they support the formation of bones, ligaments or cartilage in the body. Stem cell therapy is idle in the treatment of chronic pain, joint injury and chronic fatigue syndrome. The stem cell therapy is also idle in the treatment of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multi sclerosis. It is also useful in the treatment of chronic asthma or bronchitis, lupus and as an anti-aging agent. Discover more here: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/embryonic-stem-cell-thera_b_11889544.